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Air Nail Gun

Air Nail Gun

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Experience the efficiency and speed of our Air Nail Gun. Designed for household use, this powerful tool will save you valuable time on your projects. With its precise air gun technology, you can quickly and effortlessly complete any nailing task. Upgrade your toolkit today!

Double silencer. The thicker steel muffler reduces noise, is safer, and the construction environment is more comfortable, without disturbing your family and neighbors.

There are many uses, suitable for red brick walls, concrete walls, 8mm aluminum alloy wire pipes, thick wooden boards, etc. Without a lot of dust, energy saving and environmental protection.

Power control: 4 levels of adjustment, can be adjusted according to different building requirements

Light and Simple

Less than 1 kg, user-friendly shape, stable operation and easy to transport to different sites. And thanks to its unique technology, there is no need to transport additional power or gas cylinders, including a power supply.


Small Head Design

This steel air nailer features the latest small head design to support the installation of different size holes, suitable for driving different size fixings on roofs, and the removable handle design allows it to be attached to an extension cord. No need to climb to perform work on high ceilings. (Extension cord not included)

Adjustable Depth Control

The adjustable depth control allows you to set the exact depth of the nail for professional results.

Package includes: 1x Pneumatic Nailer + Nails (Optional Quantity)


Safety tips

1. Usersneed to master and follow the safety use of suspended ceiling device and under the guidance of of safety person in charge of construction.Safety is put the first place. Please take care of yourself and others safty.

2. Do not play or play with the suspended ceiling device.Do not give the suspended ceiling device to other unrelated person.

3.It is strictly forbidden to modify this product without authorization.Any modification or use of non-original components will affect the normal function and cause serious damage or even endanger the personal safety of users.

4. Do not use the suspended ceiling device in inflammable or explosive environment.

5. Do not press the end of the nail pipe with your hand.

6.Do not face the end of the top pipe to yourself or others when using.Wait for 3 seconds before setting off the nail. is strictly forbidden to press the front end of the nail tube of this product on oneselfor others.

8.This product is only used for the base body of the ceiling tighten in installation.

9.This product is only suitable for ceiling not for other fasteners.

10.Defective nailshootingmust be terminated.Users can replace the partsfor troubleshooting.

11.If you need to change parts, please use the original parts produced by our company.

12.The productsneed to be stored in a cool and dry place.And it is placed not only be away from the fire heat and children,butalso far away from Oxidizing and Reducing Agents.

14.In case of fire, water can be used to extinguish the fire.It is strictly prohibited to cover with sand and soil.

15.When using this product to install nails,the silencer must be held to install nails for avoid accidental firing

16.When using this product, please be sure to wear appropriate safety equipment and ensure that all personnel in the work area wear appropriate safetyprotectiveequipment,such as:protective glasses and protective gloves.

Disassembly process

1. Rotary remove the muffler sleeve

(1)separate the muffler sleeve from the nail tube

(2)with the tool

2.Rotate off the base sleeve, take out the firing spring and spring base

3,remove the protective cover,remove the pressure ring

4.Take out the limit pin:

5. Press the brake pin down and remove the main sleeve backwards;

6.Remove the reset spring. press down the brake pin and take out the movable sleeve;

7. Press down the brake pin and separate the hitting needle tube;

8.Remove the brake pin and brake tiles:

9. knock out the cylinder pin, separate the needle and the needle rod


Product maintenance Residue cleaning

The residue need to be cleaned in time after the silencer hood and nailpipe200 times use. The machine gun need to be decomposed and cleaned after 200 times use.

Users need to have a good habit of cleaning the suspended ceiling nailand components after daily using, which can keep quality.

Note:Before removing and cleaning, please make sure that there isn’t nails in the ceilings  and the pin tube cannot towards yourself or others when removing nails.

1. Users need to select industrial cleaning detergent or degreasing spray machine. It can besprayed into the inside walls for 3 to 5 minuter and wash with water and dry with a towel or paper.

2. Thedisassembly step is the contrary to the installation step. When dismantling the nail tube, users need to hold the muffler, remove the nail tubewith a specialwrench clockwise.

3. clean the silencer, insideand outside of the nail tube,the pin, the movable sleeve, the pin bushing,the main sleeve,the reset,thepin spring,the connecting handle and other common residue accumulation places.

4.Please assemble the fastener accordingto thecorrectsteps

Note:Use oil-free detergents. Oily detergents will bring more dust and residue adsorption on the next use.


The integral pin is stuck in the launching tube

1. Pull the muffler to reset the screwoutrepeatedly.

2. If thenail can not be released from the nail tube bypulling the muffler, please tear town the nail tube and take out the nail from another end.

3.If thenail is completely stuck in the nail tube,please contact the professionals for help.

Warning: It is strictly forbidden to remove the nail by striking. Striking may cause the percuss itselfand personal injury.

The tightener not work

1. Please check whether thetightener matrixsuitable. Please keep the nail tube and tightener matrix at a right anglewhen using. The ceiling device is not suitablefor other angles.

2. Please wait for 3 seconds and then take out the nail. Check whether exists foreign body in the nailtube, (plastic case does not exit)blocked will impact using.

3.Check whether the bottom of the exiting one-piece nail is punctured.lfit is punctured it doesn’t work. The please checkwhether the firing pin is damaged.If it is damaged,please replace the firing pin intime.

4. If it doesn’t work after replacing the pin,please check other parts.

Large sounds when using

1.Please check whether thetightener matrixsuitable. Please keep the nail tube and tightener matrix at a right anglewhen using. The ceiling device is not suitablefor other angles.

2.Please check whether the residue in the silenceris too muchand thenail tube muffler holeisblocked

3. Please remove the muffler cover,clean the residuein muffler gunand vent hole.



Attention:After placing an order, please pay attention to customer service messages. As this product belong Air nail gun, it needs to be transported through legitimate and dedicated special logistics. Logistics information may not be synchronized to the order interface due to the need to handle special customs procedures, logistics information updates may be delayed.

Reminder: The air nailer is powerful, please do not point the product at people, please take good protection when using it








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